IQPC Temperature Control and Logistics Conference

Come by our booth to meet us and join our session presentation.

Dusseldorf, Germany

June 7-9

Hosted by: IQPC

Wondering how to balance the need to innovate while reducing risk? Supply Chains are dynamic and must pivot all the time, so working with experts who have done this before and leveraging technology designed for your industry challenges are the key to success.

Join us at the Temperature Control & Logistics Conference to learn how we’ve worked with leading companies in pharma and packaging to become more agile and embrace change.

Some of these challenges you may be facing include:

  • Embracing temperature controlled labeling/packaging
  • Cold Chain shipping, tracking, and tracing
  • Breaking down organizational and multi-enterprise siloes to drive greater transparency
  • Eliminating or reducing waste
  • Balancing growth, innovation and resilience

You can also contact us directly to learn more: