Let’s Meet at LogiPharma 4.0 Connect

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Montreux, Switzerland

November 16-17

Hosted by: WBResearch

We look forward to seeing you

Wondering how to balance the need to innovate while reducing risk? Supply Chains are dynamic and must pivot all the time, so working with experts who have done this before and leveraging technology designed for your industry challenges are the keys to success.

Meet with ParkourSC at LogiPharma 4.0 Connect to learn how we’ve worked with leading companies in pharma and packaging to become more agile and embrace change. Some benefits you can expect include:

  • Enhanced supply chain resilience with continuous realignment for planning processes that reduces plan and execution variance.
  • Digital twins that enable innovation and collaboration across the entire supply chain, even into the last mile, to improve engagement with clinicians.
  • Reduced product excursions and eliminating or reducing waste.
  • Meet sustainability goals and gain end-to-end visibility across your supply chain network.
  • Improved revenue, customer experience and patient outcomes.

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