Logistics Intelligence

We needed a partner with the latest IoT technologies, real-time tracking, and data analytics so we can provide our customers complete visibility to their products. ParkourSC platform is sensor agnostic and will grow with us. Our industry-leading thermal packaging solutions now provide prescriptive analysis of vaccine conditions down to the unit level, a natural choice for an important global initiative.



Cold Chain Technologies

Plane flying above a cargo ship and train delivering product as part of the supply chain process

End-to-End Execution Visibility

How many steps does your product take on its journey from source to destination? Hyper-competitive markets demand a shift from legacy approaches that rely on third-party location signals across stitched-together shipment legs. With ParkourSC, move beyond manual processes, disjointed track-and-trace capabilities, and indirect data sources that delay timely intervention. By coordinating product-level IoT signals with enterprise data, know earlier when at risk, and automate a more responsive logistics process.

See At-Risk Moves Sooner

Adjust in the moment to impactful shifts even as cross legs and modes. Product condition tracking. Predictive ETAs. Inbound and outbound implications.

Capture In-Transit Variability

Identify patterns of chokepoints, dwell time, detention, expedites, and bottlenecks. Improve planning, reduce waste, and strengthen customer experience.

Streamline Disconnected Processes

Assess up and downstream implications. Improve inventory balancing. Incorporate quality and chain of custody requirements, reducing order to cash cycle times.

Customer Spotlight

If only 20% of supply chain network activity impacting performance lies inside your four walls, a traditional enterprise-centric approach cannot adapt fast enough to the volatility facing today’s operations. Can you tap the rich IoT sensor data about your product to respond with more intelligence?


Annual Savings

A $1B manufacturer of highly sensitive products competes in part by offering value-added fulfillment services. With ParkourSC sensor-based condition alerting throughout the delivery cycle, they now maintain visibility and can proactively intervene on at-risk shipments, reducing excursions and waste. By automating the collection and transmission of product quality data back into their ERP system, they also accelerated time to invoice following QA acceptance by 80%, resulting in a working capital cost savings of $1.1MM annually. Project payback estimated at six months.