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Frequent Shocks Require Faster Recovery

Global Supply Chain Pressure Index Federal Reserve Bank of New York, March 2022

Global supply chains are under frequent pressure than ever.

Major disruptions such as geopolitical instability, climate change, pandemics, labor shortages, and industrial accidents result in shocks to the system.

Activities subject to Minor Disruptions in Supply Chain Operations

Minor disruptions such as activities in Manufacturing, Product and Distribution also add to these Major disruptions resulting in a magnified impact causing untold and unanticipated system-wide raw-material shortages, port delays, poor quality, and compliance issues.

Digital Supply Chain Operations and Activities

Today, it is critical that supply chains are resilient and recover rapidly due to major and minor disruptions. The speed and scale of these disruptions also drive the need for real-time monitoring of supply chain operations.

According to supply chain experts, a resilient, real-time supply chain can reduce the EBITDA impact of a disruption by 23 percent.

When Products Flow, Things Change.

In the supply chain, the only constant is change. Traditional approaches were rigid, linear, and disconnected. Today, companies need a digital supply chain operations platform that enables innovation and delivers continuous and actionable insight at any point and any level in the supply chain.

ParkourSC uses ground truth data from any package, system, sensor, vehicle, and location and enables immediate corrective action—so that you respond quickly and strategically to whatever comes next.


Next-Generation Digital Supply Chain

Deploy A Digital Supply Chain Operations Platform

Gain insight into ground-truth data on the flow and condition of your assets and products – even at the individual product level – then adjust for better outcomes.

Unleash the Power of End-to-End Data

From source-to-make and deliver-to-service, overcome functional and enterprise boundaries to illuminate challenges.

Innovate for Resilience

Shock-proof your supply chain – from supply to demand – with a platform that predicts risk then enables agile collaboration and fast response.

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“Increasing visibility at the PRODUCT LEVEL brings light to dark spots in the supply chain where waste occurs.

Combining the explosive growth of IoT with contextual information from across the enterprise and trading partners, companies can leverage solutions like ParkourSC to dismantle horizontal and vertical silos to operate with more agility.”

Bill Read | Former Senior Managing Director, Supply Chain | Accenture

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