CDMOs and CROs

Contract development manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) and contract research organizations (CROs) face challenges in the supply chain that sometimes go beyond typical supply chain issues. With the heavy regulatory burden of clinical trials, there is a high requirement for quality, compliance, and a strict chain of custody while still being agile and resilient. Maximizing efficiencies, minimizing disruptions and providing transparency to customers are needed to help meet their patient needs.

At ParkourSC, we offer supply chain software for CDMOs and CROs to help improve customer visibility, reduce costs, and ensure quality and compliance with real-time insights. Implementing our platform allows your organization to create a more resilient and agile process management system across your supply chain. Our solutions also address quality requirements connected with sensitive pharmaceutical products, including temperature excursion and packaging performance throughout distribution.

New Therapies Require Improved Supply Chain Visibility

Factors like tighter competition, stricter regulatory requirements, and higher costs have increased supply chain complexities for CDMOs and CROs worldwide. Shorter lead times have become the industry standard as many CDMOs, and CROs aim to market their new products and therapies faster than ever. Due to the need for more efficient processing, tracking materials and maintaining quality and compliance for every shipment is vital. In addition, your customers are expecting to have more visibility into your production and distribution. They do not want to settle for simple carrier tracking notifications but require real-time location, temperature, humidity, light, tilt, shock, and other critical quality tracking.

ParkourSC’s supply chain software for CDMOs and CROs offers faster excursion management and timely resolution throughout the chain of custody, particularly for new product development. Our platform provides the flexibility and versatility your organization needs to model and optimize new processes in the supply chain with transparent visibility to all stakeholders.

Workflow automation with AI or logic allows you to maximize performance and predict disruptions by tracking shipments and product movement inside or outside your facility.

Increase Margins With Less Waste and Fewer Expedited Orders

To take advantage of the pharma market’s rapid growth, CDMOs must implement accurate and efficient supply chain solutions to maximize profitability. ParkourSC’s platform helps CDMOs and CROs increase margins by reducing waste during processing and decreasing the need for expedited shipments. Monitoring carrier performance produces faster lead times with more accurate tracking and tracing. With real-time and historical data, you can predict the best route, lane, and carrier to get your therapies to the patients in time and on budget without the need to pay for 2-10X expedited shipment fees.

Get alerted and immediately act if a temperature-sensitive shipment is outside on a dock and the shipment temperature is rising. Predicting and alerting for potential temperature excursions and supply chain disruptions throughout the supply chain helps minimize waste and improve patient outcomes even more.

Eliminate Quality Concerns

Since CDMOs and CROs are developing products faster and more efficiently than ever, they require strict quality control measures during testing, manufacturing, and shipping. ParkourSC’s supply chain platform helps eliminate many questions regarding quality through detailed product tracking in real-time in the warehouse and in transit. Our software can also provide insight into the most critical elements of packaged goods, including temperature, humidity, shock, and other parameters.

Real-time quality assurance data can also eliminate the effort and time for post-delivery quality checks or quarantines for questionable shipments. For cold chain shipments, you will have the temperature and outside-of-temperature dwell time data throughout the journey. No need to download passive temperature sensor data, analyze and release the shipment for patient use. This real-time sensing can reduce your QA time from days to minutes upon delivery.

Benefits of ParkourSC’s Supply Chain Platforms for CDMOs and CROs

When you choose our supply chain solution for your operation, you can:

Ensure quality, compliance, and maintain chain of custody

Minimize questionable quality shipments and immediately resolve temperature or other quality excursions in real-time.

Innovate to improve efficiency

Our platform allows you to track materials and finished goods throughout each operational stage to increase efficiency and improve lead times for your clinical trials.

Minimize costs

Enable quicker delivery and reduce waste to increase your operation's bottom line and improve patient satisfaction.

Transparency for customer satisfaction

Smart digital twin technology provides full-scale visibility inside and outside your organization, including stakeholders and end customers.

Use case instances include:

  • Allow your end customers and stakeholders to view the progress of their therapies in the supply chain
  • Monitor performance and ground truth to help prevent waste and ensure on-time delivery
  • Reduce complaints and questionable shipment quality with real-time tracking
  • Identify potential excursions and other issues before they become problematic.
  • Lower expedited costs with better route, lane, and carrier performance data and analysis