Digital Customer Experience

The pharmaceutical industry is moving toward new business models based upon the development of personalized therapies and new ways of serving patients – such as remote monitoring from the patient’s home. This means that supply chain managers must shift some operations from volume production of blockbuster drugs toward increasingly agile, fast, and flexible capabilities to plan, manufacture and deliver for a batch size of one patient.

ParkourSC’s supply chain command center allows you to pivot to fast paced planning and operational execution in a shorter time horizon, where planning and execution is almost one seamless operation. Our platform can ingest signals from both internal systems as well as external sources including tiers of suppliers, shippers, storage facilities, warehouses, hospitals and the last mile to the patient – all in one system.


Targeted cell and gene cancer therapies and growing

Create a Flexible, Agile & Transparent Supply Chain

Create transparency for your customers so they can track their product from source to door

Increase customer transparency

Automatically optimize quickest source delivery and fastest routing with AI modeling and business rules

Faster deliveries to customers

Create one source of truth for suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses and distributors so any issues can be solve quickly

Monitor product progress across supply chain

Tracking Personalized Therapies 
at Scale

Personalized, targeted therapies will have the patient as the center of the entire process. The entire supply chain must be orchestrated to be one system that is flexible and agile to respond to various product demands and provide Just in Time (JIT) supply, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. In addition, real-time tracking of location, product temperature, shock and other variables should be available to the customer and everyone in the supply chain.

Because these therapies will be extremely expensive and limited, any excursions and issues must be resolved as soon as possible. If there is an out of compliance temperature excursion, then the supply chain AI should automatically signal for a new product run of the therapy. If the therapy is going to miss the delivery window that leads to spoilage, then predictive analytics will proactively find better routing lanes to meet the delivery window.

Overall, the new supply chain needs to be fast, flexible, and agile for the new therapies being developed and provide the right data to everyone in the supply chain in real-time.

Common Challenges

  • Slow customer response time when questions arise about shipment
  • Poor tracking of product through all phases of the supply chain
  • Delayed resolutions to issues due to siloed data cells
  • No one source of truth to monitor product location, quality, compliance and delivery estimates

Use Case Examples

  • Create an supply chain ecosystem with one system of truth
  • Track shelf life and alert customers to potential waste and reorder
  • Increase visibility to all parties of the supply chain for faster issue resolution
  • Proactively minimize excursions and issues with AI and business rules
  • Provide assurance into last-mile / chain of custody, security of therapies and medications

More Ways ParkourSC Helps Improve the Customer Journey in the Supply Chain

In a time of changing customer demands, building and maintaining long-term relationships requires a comprehensive digital solution. ParkourSC takes you beyond enhancing the customer experience with supply chain tracking. Our cloud-based software also helps you:

Respond faster

Improve supplier visibility by sharing your digital twin with key stakeholders, allowing you to collaborate on potential supply and delivery risks across enterprises.

Ensure quality

Use sensors and the Internet of Things to track product status and integrity.

Add customer value

Extend visibility to logistics and capacity, helping customers prevent expedited shipping and optimize transit for cost savings.