Continuous Realignment

A Network of Digital Twins is a Force Multiplier

ParkourSC digital twins provide a central point to coordinate supply chain operations at all stages.

Other organizations may deploy their own ParkourSC instances for additional capabilities and to share their digital twins with other companies.

Continuous Realignment Between Plan and Execution

ParkourSC allows you to align plans to execution more easily and quickly by delivering ground-truth and predictive intelligence to planning applications.

  • Incorporate ground-truth into operations and planning
  • Keep planners up to date with unanticipated events that impact sources, manufacturing or delivery
  • Improve OTIF and LIFR to boost customer satisfaction, patient outcomes, and revenue

Keeping planners up to date with exceptions in supply chain operations allows organizations to update supply planning, demand planning, and integrated business planning quickly to counteract the impact of any unanticipated issues.

Isn’t It Time to Untangle Your Highly Volatile Supply Chain?

Understand the critical elements of a modern, proactive, and resilient supply chain can unlock value trapped within your supply chain.