Pharma Manufacturing

As pharmaceutical supply chains continue to evolve, so do their complexities. Due to these challenges, pharma companies are committed to finding new ways to increase gross margins, optimize inventory and minimize disruptions. Many of these operations turn to outsourced planning resources with advanced technology to make more informed decisions with predictive data.

ParkourSC’s platform improves inventory performance, increases on-time in-full (OTIF) deliveries, and improves track-and-trace capabilities with real-time signals and predictive analytics. Utilizing these tools creates a more resilient and agile ecosystem across your entire supply chain spectrum. Our solutions also help prevent temperature excursions for your temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Planning Is Not Enough

When your pharma manufacturing operation relies on the most up-to-date insights for supply chain management, ParkourSC’s solution is the answer. Many platforms like sales and operation planning (S&OP), integrated business planning (IBP), and sales and operation execution (S&OE) are too rigid to handle the constant change and disruptions in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Utilizing real-time sensors and production data to identify specific pain points and anticipate potential problems helps create multi-tiered solutions to get ahead of recurring interruptions within your operation.

Proactive Solutions

Successful supply chain management requires planning and real-time operational data to move from cyclical to continuous planning. Instead of facing challenging decisions on your own, like who to prioritize during drug shortages or how to overcome a delay in production, an end-to-end real-time supply chain platform can surface issues and recommend solutions beneficial across your entire supply chain.

With major disruptions happening more frequently, quarterly or annual planning without incorporating real-time operational data is like providing a delivery driver with a map and GPS but not allowing them to react to current road conditions.

End-to-End Visibility, Coordination and Execution

Parkour SC’s platform provides comprehensive manufacturing and logistics insights through improved planning, tracking, and decision-making. Our solutions allow you to track your manufacturing processes and discover the locations of shipments in real-time to resolve potential issues.

You are not just tracking shipments but products as they flow through your supply chain from manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Our platform also provides visibility to anyone in and outside your company with authorized access, allowing teams to coordinate timely resolutions.

Our visibility solution for pharma manufacturing maximizes revenue and reduces the expiration of expensive drugs by tracking the shelf life of products from the warehouse to distribution to the patient. In addition, the software monitors, alerts, and can recommend changes in storage or routes for temperature-sensitive products.

ParkourSC digitally mimics your supply chain with live sensor data to provide real-time decision intelligence.

Case Study

Global Healthcare Company Reduces Their Transport Spending


Case Study

Tracking Blood Plasma Movement for Global Pharmaceutical Company


Predict and Plan Instead of React

With digital twin technology, you can proactively model your entire supply chain and predictively address disruptions with the most beneficial options for resolution. The platform creates system alerts, allowing your team to respond to upcoming delays or breaks in the supply chain. If your operation involves different facilities and uses various shipping methods, our solutions enable you to determine optimal lot sizes and allocations for each location.

You can run “What-if” scenarios with real-time logistics, inventory, and production signals to maximize your margin, OTIF, or customer satisfaction goals during your planning phase and when disruptions or excursions change your plans. We can provide decision intelligence to determine the best manufacturing location, warehousing, and route, lane, or carriers to minimize expedited shipment costs and increase your OTIF goals.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Software

Effective pharma supply chain management allows your company to monitor and manage all the complexities of the supply chain in real-time. It helps achieve end-to-end inventory optimization by maximizing product availability while making your supply chain more robust, agile, and efficient. With ParkcourSC, you can:

Improve visibility and transparency

When you and your supply chain partners are apprised of the most critical elements of your supply chain, you can adapt the operation to remain agile in dynamic conditions.

Drive efficiency

Instead of siloed systems and data, you can pull the appropriate data to make better decisions across your entire multi-company supply chain to improve OTIF, minimize safely stock, and better manage your CMO, CDMOs and 3PL partners.

Save money

Optimizing inventory, reducing shelf life waste, and minimizing expedited shipments are some of the significant cost savings benefits that can be achieved with ParkcourSC.

Specific use case examples include:

  • Increasing OTIF
  • Monitoring inventory and shipments to prevent product waste
  • Finding the most optimum line and plant for a certain product
  • Minimize disruptions with real-time alerts and responses