Logistics & Distribution

Hyper-competitive markets demand a shift from legacy approaches that rely on third-party location signals across stitched-together shipment legs. Poor real-time data leads to expedited costs and increased safety stock.

With ParkourSC, move beyond manual processes, disjointed track-and-trace capabilities, and indirect data sources that delay timely intervention. By coordinating product-level sensor signals with enterprise data, you can identify risks earlier and automate a more responsive logistics process.


Increase in logistics cost YoY in Nov 2021

Increase Visibility & Efficiency

Reduce expedite costs with real-time tracking of raw materials from the manufacturing floor

5-10% Reduction in expedite costs

Minimize and solve for raw material stock-outs with real-time material tracking and contextual data on weather issues and traffic delays

5-10% Improvement in route and lane performance

Reduce Order to Cash cycle times by improving inventory balancing, incorporating quality and chain of custody requirements into your supply chain analytics

4-8% Improvement in product quality compliance

“We needed a partner with the latest IoT technologies, real-time tracking, and data analytics so we can provide our customers complete visibility to their products. ParkourSC’s platform is sensor agnostic and will grow with us. Our industry-leading thermal packaging solutions now provide prescriptive analysis of vaccine conditions down to the unit level, a natural choice for an important global initiative.”


CEO, Cold Chain Technologies

Managing Port Congestion & Other Lane Variabilities

As products move globally from port to port across international shipping lanes, ParkourSC’s digital supply chain operations platform tracks shipments in real-time with conditional monitoring. This not only provides the actual physical location of stock​, but also provides a picture of variability in demand and supply across all shipping routes and lanes.

The ParkourSC digital supply chain operations platform tracks any signal from any sensor or system to provide early warning to any previously unpredictable delays in transit. This real-time information along with historical shipment data, end-to-end transportation lead time and optimal routes can allow the AI models and business rules in ParkourSC to automatically adjust the supply chain to minimize these delays. In addition, the customer can automatically be informed of these delays.

Layering the predictive model with real-time information from freight forwarders on lane performance along with information of on-hand inventory from the planning network provides the strategic logistics planners with the analysis to avoid any supply disruption and ensure the shipment reaches the customer as expected on time and in full.

Common Challenges

  • No visibility of inbound materials due to lack of data sharing and no real-time tracking capability
  • Siloed shipment data that prevents any management of your logistic and distribution channels
  • Lack of synchronization between shipping schedule and warehouse storage leading to spoilage and profit loss

Use Case Examples

  • Minimize expedited shipment requests
  • Track last mile chain of custody
  • Rerouting options due to delays in traffic and weather
  • Get real-time delay info due to port congestion
  • Better meet Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) forecasts
  • Monitor and correct any import/export document control issues
  • Match shipping schedule to warehouse capacity
  • Analysis for freight audits and payments

Powerful Transit Visibility Software From ParkourSC

Transparency into your supply chain journeys prepares you to weather the next disruption or grow your business with new opportunities. ParkourSC is a complete logistics management platform offering end-to-end visibility to help you:

Optimize warehouse space

Cut shipping costs with logistics and transportation tracking that delivers insights based on your unique usage patterns and carrier network.

Track supply chain assets

Monitor every movement, check product integrity and create a chain of custody with item-level supply chain asset tracking.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Eliminate the silos by sharing digital twin software and creating a supply chain ecosystem that lets everyone access role-appropriate ground truth.