Embedded Intelligence

Embed Intelligence Into Supply Chain Operations

ParkourSC provides powerful yet simple low-code/no-code administrative workbenches that allow you to extend your digital twins and supply chain operations.

Rules, Models, and Recipes Drive Predictive Insights

Use AI/ML to create predictive insights for your supply chain operations. ParkourSC also allows you to include custom AI/ML code.

Set KPIs, Trends, Queries, and Thresholds for Operator Dashboards

ParkourSC allows you to define measures, KPIs, and thresholds. ParkourSC was designed to accommodate the requirements of any supply chain, so you can easily include custom queries.

Deploy operator dashboards at any entity, and any level of the organization at any entity – regardless of whether the operator is part of your organization or works at a supplier or logistics firm. Set up executive, planner, supplier, tracer, and warehouse manager level dashboards with ease and simplicity.