Order & Demand Fulfillment

Real-time, end-to-end data insights and visibility from a single source of truth are key to meet On Time In Full (OTIF) commitments.

Improve customer satisfaction and consistently meet demand by predicting and avoiding supply chain issues using artificial intelligence and automated decisions before it increases the backlog.


of companies have zero visibility of their entire supply chain

Drive Revenue with Increased On Time in Full Commitments

Increase available to promise orders and reduce backlogs with predictive insights from across the supply chain

10-15% Increase in revenues

Meet all fulfillment goals by predicting and taking action on blockers in the supply chain

10-20% Increase in Perfect Sales Orders

Reduce operational variation with integrated, on-the-ground execution signals

8-10% Reduction in order fulfillment lead times

Improve Your Customers’ Experience

ParkourSC’s platform provides accurate delivery predictions of back-ordered products by analyzing forecasted demand, real-time data on stock levels, velocity of raw material flow, and product levels in work-in-progress and finished goods at both manufacturing sites and distributors. Our collaboration platform keeps your customers updated through real-time notifications about the availability of finished products.


Annual Savings

A $1B manufacturer of highly sensitive products competes in part by offering value-added fulfillment services. With ParkourSC sensor-based condition alerting throughout the delivery cycle, they now maintain visibility and can proactively intervene on at-risk shipments, reducing excursions and waste. By automating the collection and transmission of product quality data back into their ERP system, they also accelerated time to invoice following QA acceptance by 80%, resulting in a working capital cost savings of $1.1M annually. Project payback estimated at six months.

Common Challenges

  • High backlog of unfulfilled demand
  • Missing fulfillment goals due to poor upstream supply chain visibility
  • Poor visibility into long lead time critical raw materials

Use Case Examples

  • Predict, model, and substitute long-lead-time raw materials
  • Improve backorder transparency for your customer
  • Gain better visibility to in-transit raw materials
  • Increase inventory visibility with indoor asset tracking
  • Model alternate sources of supply for substitution
  • Reduce variability with flow modeling and network reliability analysis
  • Detect and correct or avoid supply chain anomalies

Benefit From a Complete Supply Chain Fulfillment Platform

An effective order and demand fulfillment management system lets you attract customers and keep them coming back while making your processes easier. At ParkourSC, our order and demand fulfillment software has the functionality you need to:

Optimize your processes

Enhance demand fulfillment with predictive analytics based on patterns in your actual real-time data. We help you leverage the feedback you collect from sensors connected to the Internet of Things.

Maximize efficiencies

Model your data your way to gain actionable insights. ParkourSC includes customized dashboards, powerful automation tools and digital twin modeling capabilities to display information across your entire supply ecosystem.

Mitigate risks

Set up custom alerts to deliver real-time notifications of anomalies at any point in the supply chain. Earlier and collaborative intervention equals a faster resolution to reduce waste and loss.

Keep customers satisfied

Track order fulfillment from receipt to the last mile. Our platform improves fulfillment visibility so you can make more strategic decisions and meet your clients’ needs.