Sustainability, Quality & Compliance

Rising healthcare costs and regulatory pressures have pushed many pharma organizations to focus on how to eliminate waste which helps to not only demonstrate improved sustainability, but to reduce costs.

Digital asset management and connectivity enables a faster, more efficient response to prevent waste. With ParkourSC, our customers maintain visibility of critical materials and equipment wherever it is—indoors, outdoors, or in transit and react to issues quickly to maintain a more sustainable supply chain.

The pharmaceutical industry loses


annually due to 
failures in temperature-controlled logistics

Leverage Sustainability & Compliance for Business Growth

Reduce environmental impact with optimized routing options

Enhanced governance and improve decision making

Reduce waste via better asset management and AI planning

Improve risks and compliance

Better track ESG activities and KPIs to show investors and partners your commitment to social responsibility

Improve internal controls, policies and frameworks

Companies with Strong ESG Programs Create More Value

Sustainability efforts are evolving all over the world and more regulations are being put in place. Life sciences organizations are not immune to these new regulations and must expand their sustainability efforts outside of the value of their medicines. But, focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) does not mean less profit.
A McKinsey article found that a strong ESG compliance program leads to five ways that improve a company’s value.

  • Improves top line growth by attracting more customers
  • Lowers cost by lower energy consumption and reduced water use
  • Reduces regulatory and legal interventions
  • Uplifts productivity by boosting employee morale and attracting more talent
  • Optimizes investments and assets by allocating capital for more sustainable equipment and materials

With ParkourSC, you can set KPIs and track your ESG activities in your supply chain to improve sustainability and increase your bottom line results.

Annual Payback Against Costs of


Achieved ROI in just

3 months

One of the world’s leading appliance brands deployed ParkourSC to monitor real-time status of 32,000 pieces of heavy industrial equipment used across 13 production plants. The tools are often disassembled for moves between sites and to ship for repair. The manually tracked process was prone to errors that led to missing inventory, poor asset utilization, year-end write-offs, and over provisioning. Introducing low-energy sensor tags, the company now captures location and environmental factors, like vibrations, that impact condition. Following deployment, they achieved ROI in three months, with an annual payback against costs of 8X.

Common Challenges

  • Lack of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) framework for compliance leading to quality issues and waste detrimental to the environment
  • Lack of ESG compliance capabilities impacting your logistics and asset management
  • Reactive asset management and process that create more waste

Use Case Examples

  • Track ESG for your entire supply chain
  • Analyze and report on CO2 emissions
  • Proactively drive compliance with detailed asset-level data
  • Generate ESG compliance records for regulatory adherence
  • Reduce waste via proactive asset management, AI and process improvements
  • Optimize transit routing based on environmental impact

How ParkourSC Supports Sustainability and Compliance for Your Supply Chain

A sustainable supply chain makes the most of its resources, and a compliant one meets customer demands for quality and corporate behavior. Better ESG compliance in the supply chain starts with robust technology, and ParkourSC is your trusted solution to:

Improve supply chain ESG

Generate automated chain of custody logs and set up custom alerts to know when compliance is at risk.

Reduce your carbon footprint in logistics

Use predictive analytics to identify opportunities for efficiencies in shipping lanes and transit routes to offset emissions.

Integrate across your organization

Use powerful digital twin technology and other collaborative tools to let everyone harness data insights for more compliant and sustainable supply chain management.