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We are living in a time where you either disrupt or get disrupted. This is especially true in the supply chain sector. As a strategic advisor, investor, and mentor of the company, ParkourSC delivers against business imperatives to significantly increase product availability and response to market changes leveraging digital technologies like IoT, ML, and advanced analytics.

John Chambers

Chairman Emeritus, Cisco Systems
CEO, JC2 Ventures

Digitally Connected Supply Chains

Depiction of supply chain process through computers being hooked up with a belt where a truck is delivering goods to a store

Sense and respond. Reduce waste and risk. Increase efficiency, utilization, and availability. Fuel growth. Differentiate.

In a world of disruption, unpredictability, and increased expectations, companies need constant awareness of their supply chain exposure and opportunities to quickly adapt. ParkourSC was founded in 2014 with a vision for a radical new approach to unlock value trapped within supply chains, transforming them into powerful data-driven strategic assets.

We are led by a team of industry veterans in Cloud computing, IoT sensors, predictive analytics, and hyperscale network platforms; and backed by an active Board of Advisors with deep global supply chain expertise. Our patented techniques contextualize real-time data for actionable intelligence. We see the opportunities.

Intel Capital: Investing in Innovation

Companies need always-on supply chain transparency to strategically utilize their resources—inventory, materials, capacity, capital, and time. Mahesh Veerina, CEO of ParkourSC, shares how our customers are moving beyond traditional transactional data silos to create an engine of profitable growth.

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