Case Study

Major paper and packaging manufacturer increases revenues and reuse

ParkourSC helps a major paper and packaging company add more value for their customers with real-time temperature monitoring

Our partnership has allowed the packaging client to provide assurances to their cold package customers that their product maintains the right temperature during shipping and allows the packaging client to expand their customer base.”

Mahesh Veerina,
CEO, ParkourSC

Adding value for customers

Packaging client wanted to increase revenue opportunities and add value for their customers with real-time trace and tracking of their quality-sensitive packaging, i.e., cold storage and light or humidity-sensitive products. They partnered with ParkourSC to create a new end-to-end tracking solution to provide additional value to their customers.

The packaging client has customers who ship perishable products from international locations and wanted to provide these customers assurances that their packaging can keep the product at a specific range of temperatures. One customer ships seafood from Chile to the U.S. The seafood must be kept between 28-36oF to stay fresh. They use reusable temperature sensors installed in the packaging at the Chile location. These sensors relay real-time data to the ParkourSC platform to monitor the seafood the entire trip so, at the U.S. distribution warehouse, the customer knows the seafood is fresh and ready for restaurants and grocery stores.

In addition, if there was any temperature excursion, the seafood customer could alert the distribution center to check at arrival and request additional products for the U.S. location, thereby averting any shortage.

Tracking reuse for sustainability

Because the temperature sensor also provides real-time location tracking, they can create a system to reuse these sensors. After arrival at the destination, the sensors are packaged up and sent back to a facility to check the battery and performance. Then resent out for the next cold package shipment.

Before, single-use temperature limit sensors could only alert the destination if the package exceeded the maximum allowed temperature; they were passive, dumb sensors and created landfill waste. Now, the packaging clients’ temperature sensors are reusable, saving them and their customer’s money and creating a more sustainable packaging solution.


real time temperature monitoring


sensor waste


time improvement for fit-for-use confirmation (3 days to 1 minute)



Paper and packaging

Packaging client is a worldwide sustainable fiber-based paper and packaging solution company. They provide corrugated, consumer, paper, and distribution solutions to customers worldwide, including quality-sensitive packages.

Creating a competitive advantage

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), dumb packaging and blind spots are going away. The packaging client wanted to partner with a company to give them a competitive advantage and expand beyond their current offerings. ParkourSC fit their need with our agnostic sensor platform and our real-time trace and track capabilities. In addition, ParkourSC allowed the packaging client to provide their customers with a dashboard for tracking their shipments, including information on shipment data, real-time location, quality monitoring, and excursion alerts and notifications. With ParkourSC, they have turned their dumb cold packaging into smart real-time trace and trackable packaging.