Case Study

CBM reduces capital re-spending by 50%

ParkourSC’s Operations Platform helps the Center for Breakthrough Medicines track all their capital assets and therapies

The time and temperature sensitivity of cell and gene therapies needs a new supply chain process that incorporates real-time location and quality sensor data that can monitor the therapies from patient back to patient to ensure the best outcomes in addition to tracking all the expensive capital assets in production.”

Mahesh Veerina,
CEO, ParkourSC

Reduce capital re-spending

In 2022, the Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) was dramatically expanding its contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) facilities to one million square feet with 900,000 square feet of GMP manufacturing space. With this expansion, they purchased thousands of dollars of processing and analytical equipment monthly and shipped it to their central warehouse. Unfortunately, as the equipment was stored and moved to different locations on the campus, they lost track of some of the equipment.

As they were looking for a supply chain operations platform, they came across ParkourSC and found out that we also could track the various Internet of Things (IoT) location sensors. CBM started using this capability immediately to better locate and manage all their capital equipment in the warehouse and on the campus. ParkourSC is sensor agnostic and can track sensors in real-time within a building and in transit on a map and dashboard. Using our operations platform, they can save thousands of dollars by not having to rebuy any equipment for various projects and better reuse their capital assets.

Expanding visibility to therapy shipments

New cell and gene therapies require a different supply chain and process than standard drug production. These therapies may require a round-trip shipment from the patient to the CDMO and then back to the patient, which needs to be under a tracked chain of custody, in addition to being tracked in real-time by location, temperature, humidity, shock, or other quality variables.

As CBM expands their development and production, they understand these quality and compliance regulations but also understand that by using real-time tracking, they can quickly resolve any quality excursions to improve speed and patient satisfaction. So, their next step with ParkourSC is to track raw materials or patient cell shipments, work in progress (WIP) material, and finished therapies within their facility to the end customer. ParkourSC can provide visibility to location and quality for CBM and their customers in real-time.


savings from the reduced repurchase of assets


assets tracked on the platform


saving of time and effort in tracking down assets

Reduce costs and eliminate waste

As CBM continues to add sensors to their products and shipments, they will have the opportunity to monitor temperatures, dwell time outside of refrigeration/freezer, and other quality variables of their therapy shipments in real-time. With alerts or AI recommendations, they can also predict any quality excursions and take action immediately to prevent any issues with their therapies. ParkourSC is opening up new real-time monitoring, alerting, and intelligence for CBM to reduce cost and eliminate waste of valuable assets and therapies.

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