Thermo Fisher assures quality and compliance for over 570k+ shipments per year

With ParkourSC, Thermo Fisher Patheon Pharma Services track quality in real time for over 6100+ clinical trials

ParkourSC’s digital supply chain operations platform helped Thermo Fisher Patheon Pharma Services:

  • Decrease supply chain cycle time
  • Build end-to-end visibility and connectivity
  • Confirm shipment excursion in minutes
  • Create a self-driving, automated supply chain

“We’ve partnered with ParkourSC to enable our real-time track and trace service offering for our customers and what that does is it not only allows us to track the temperature of our products that’s going out the door that eventually reaches a patient. But it also helps us enable that visibility that we need across the value chain.”

Sarah Englert, Director of Digital Innovation, Thermo Fisher

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