Company Overview: Continuous Visibility and Intelligence, Indoor and In-transit.

Cloudleaf accelerates the next generation of intelligent supply chains. We deliver continuous visibility and actionable insights across the supply chain, helping enterprises make the right decisions in real time, to increase revenues, avoid disruptions, improve customer satisfaction and increase sustainability.

Cloudleaf is Different.

Our Platform provides you with an unprecedented level of information about the location, condition and status of the assets in your supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods to delivery to customers. Our modern, open platform provides continuous visibility and insight into supply chains, enabling real-time decision making. Cloudleaf's Digital Visibility Platform combines the power of IoT, AI/ML and cloud computing to address use cases such as asset tracking, cold chain management and condition monitoring. Cloudleaf enables visibility and analytics across multi-party supply chains from source, make and deliver — and all the transportation steps in between. This also enables visibility at the product level — the package or pallet or product container — going beyond simply tracking the truck or plane or ship that transport your products. You gain valuable insight about the in-transit condition of specific products. By applying business rules and AI/ML, we take it to the next step, helping you see beyond the present and the moment, so you can spot the patterns that predict future problems. We also help you get out in front of those problems before they impact revenues, product integrity, customers and your brand reputation.

The Cloudleaf Difference

Ingest, Analyze and Harmonize Massive Data Streams We bring together data from a multitude of sources, from edge sensors to external contextual sources, in real time from across the supply chain to eliminate data silos and provide a current, complete view of your supply chain. Your Single Source of Truth, Based on Real-time Insights We bring together location, condition, context and time status of products and assets while integrating and enhancing legacy systems of record. With one source of information and insights you can prevent expensive recalls, loss of materials, missed SLAs and compliance infractions and protect brand reputation. Bring Together Indoor and In-transit Seamlessly Indoor and in-transit operations must work in harmony, but often have limited communication channels and data that’s out of synch. By leveraging one platform and one source of data, indoor and in-transit teams increase collaboration across internal and external stakeholders. Automated alerts and continuous data streams ensure accurate data and real-time reporting for a more agile, flexible and competitive supply chain. Unleash the Power of Modern Technology We bring together real-time data from both passive and active data streams, business rules and data science expertise to accelerate and improve decision making, and to create a digital twin for analysis and scenario planning. This holistic approach enables a feedback loop to key stakeholders, the systems of record, CRM, chatbots and other communication channels across your supply chain. Future-proof Technology, Sensor-Agnostic Our API-based platform supports more than 400 APIs to connect to any sensor or new IoT device and is simple to integrate with and enhance legacy ERP systems. It’s easy and fast to install.

Customer Success

Pharmaceutical Company
To meet the growing demand for life-saving plasma-based drug therapies, essential for treating patients with a variety of rare, life-threatening, chronic and genetic diseases, a global pharmaceutical company collects and transports over 8 million liters of blood plasma from 82 donor centers to its 5 plasma facilities around the word. The company was losing tens of millions of dollars every year due to plasma sample spoilage, re-testing labor costs, and FDA compliance issues. They turned to Cloudleaf to provide a complete platform that provides real time, accurate monitoring of the location, dwell times, condition and movement history of the blood plasma samples. The Cloudleaf Platform, together with 5,000 sensors and 60 gateways, enabled the company to accurately monitor the plasma samples’ location, dwell times, condition and movement history. Cloudleaf enabled the company to achieve 100% visibility into the flow of their product, with 100% count accuracy. Real-time location and inventory tracking of biomedical material containers resulted in annual savings of $10-$15M dollars.
Automotive Supplier
The inaccuracy of parts and containers delivered from dock to plant leads to production delays. This North American company has several overlapping opportunities for operational efficiency that could save $50-$100M dollars/year with greater tracking and coordination technology. The company needed to track containers and returnable bins across several customer supply chains, as well as optimize trailer and shuttle use between plants, track internal forklifts and retrieve expensive tools. The company selected the Cloudleaf Digital Visibility Platform for continuous visibility of inventory to optimize workflow and production scheduling. Zone sensors at the receiving area track the containers and sub-assemblies as they are unloaded. Returnable containers are tracked by zone sensors for organization and easy pick-up, emptying and moving. Cloudleaf enabled the company to achieve efficient production scheduling with 99% inventory accuracy and 80% reduction in production downtime.
Backed By the Best
Cloudleaf is a privately held Silicon Valley company founded in 2014. Investors include Intel Capital, WRVI Capital, BOLD Capital Partners, BluePointe Ventures, Mahindra Partners and Tandem Capital. An active and engaged Board of Advisors comprised of former Global 500 Supply Chain leaders, practitioners and Tier 1 academia contribute to Cloudleaf direction and innovation.

The Cloudleaf Platform and Applications

The Cloudleaf Digital Visibility Platform (DVP) addresses the data gaps and eliminates silos in the operational supply chain where the physical world meets the digital world. The platform is the collection point to track, monitor and analyze multiple data streams, alerting stakeholders of the movement, status, location, and condition of the elements fundamental to their areas of responsibility. This can include insights within four walls, indoor and in-transit, or across the supply chain ecosystem from suppliers through production and distribution to customers. Using IoT, AI/ML and advanced analytics, our cloud software creates a digital twin of the supply chain and processes billions of events per second to deliver diagnostic and predictive insights in real time for location, condition, utilization and anomaly detection. For example, at your fingertips you have information about a specific asset’s condition and context, including temperature, humidity, vibration and acceleration — and when thresholds for each are out of variance. You have the right data, at the right time, to make the right decisions.
Assets & Inventory Intelligence
  • Multi-dimensional condition tracking
  • Accurate inventory and location
  • Reduce asset loss due to misplacement and theft
Process Intelligence
  • Actual vs Plan, in real time
  • Increased productivity from process improvements
  • Customized notifications and alerts based on business rules
Logistics Intelligence
  • Know material location, condition and dwell time at all times
  • Gain complete visibility into condition excursions
  • Manage compliance
  • Protect the integrity of your products
Diagram of the Cloudleaf Supply Chain Digital Visibility Platform