Microsoft is focused on delivering capabilities that support the core processes and requirements of the manufacturing industry to accelerate digital transformation and value to our customers. To this end, we are pleased to have ParkourSC as an ISV partner in our supply chain ecosystem.


Chief Technology Officer, Manufacturing Industry


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Powering A Digital Transformation

ParkourSC partners are an extension of our team, an elite group of service and solution providers that play a vital role in enabling our customers to drive extended value from our visibility and intelligence platform. They offer compelling expertise and resources for a wide array of complex business and connectivity challenges.

Our Partners

Microsoft logo - leading technology company
Intel logo - technology company
amazon web services logo - provides on-demand cloud computing platforms
accenture logo - professional services consulting company
Deloitte logo - international professional services consulting firm
Tech Mahindra logo - information services and consulting company
Wipro logo - technology and business consulting services
SAP logo - enterprise business management software
Elementum logo - professional management services
Mercury Gate logo - transportation management company
Zebra logo - mobile computing company
Sendum logo - automated mapping of physical and digital risk events
BioTempak logo - prolong life of products with cold chain requirements
NimbelLink logo - Internet of Things company based on producing cellular based product solutions
Quuppa logo - intelligent location system services
PSolutions logo - professional services
OnAsset intelligence logo - supply chain asset management
Adapt Ideations logo - specializes in bringing solutions in supply chain sectors
Onset logo - indoor and outdoor computer solutions
Ascension Logistics logo - expert in supply chain and warehouse management services
EyeSeal logo - shipping container monitoring
ZS Logo - management consulting and technology firm
Verizon logo - leading internet and cellphone services company