Helping Cold Chain Technologies Safely Move COVID-19 Vaccines

By Mahesh Veerina

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Cold Chain Technologies, a leading provider of thermal packaging solutions for distributing temperature-sensitive products for the life sciences industry. The powerful combination of our leading-edge Digital Visibility Platform, which enables real-time insights into the location and condition of temperature-sensitive drugs and biologics, with Cold Chain Technologies’ state of the art thermal packaging solutions, will prevent spoilage and dramatically improve delivery efforts for these critical vaccines, including those being deployed to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Typically, the biopharma industry loses about $35B annually due to failures in temperature-controlled logistics; this is not an option when moving precious COVID-19 vaccines. Our partnership comes at a critical time during the global pandemic, and it will play a key role in safely delivering COVID-19 vaccines to people around the world. By integrating our Digital Visibility Platform with their shipping solutions, Cold Chain Technologies will gain real-time visibility into vaccine and drug shipments, a critical requirement when it comes to mitigating loss.

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout ramps up, Cold Chain Technologies will be able to provide its customers with 24/7 visibility through Cold Chain Technologies Smart Solutions, including product location and condition, to ensure that the vaccines will arrive on time with maintained temperature requirement adherence throughout the entire shipping process.

In addition to vaccines, our combined solution will track critical data for other drugs and biologics, gathering real-time information about product location, temperature and vibration, as well as data streams about weather, traffic and flight schedules. These real-time data insights will not only remove blind spots in the supply chain but will help companies intervene before potential issues arise so that they can be rectified before product is compromised.

We’re excited to partner with Cold Chain Technologies to deliver the next generation in digital visibility for cold chains. Our collaboration is a strong testament to the power of organizations working together to end this pandemic. Stay tuned for a series of webinars from Cold Chain Technologies that will answer questions on vaccine transport/re-distribution and provide detailed information about the ParkourSC Digital Visibility Platform.

If you'd like to explore ways to improve visibility in your supply chain, reach out, we'd love to connect.