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How a Digital Visibility Platform Can Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Success

Image of a truck on a bridge at sunsetBy Mahesh Veerina As supply chains ramp up to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, it’s evident that some of these supply chains are not moving the vaccine as quickly as predicted. Vaccine transport, storage, and continuous temperature monitoring are all major challenges, as the COVID-19 vaccine  needs to stay at the correct temperature throughout the supply chain to stay potent and safe. In fact, nearly 3 billion of the world’s 7.8 billion people live where temperature-controlled storage is insufficient for an immunization campaign to bring COVID-19 under control. Because of these challenges, organizations managing vaccine distribution are investing in their supply chains to eliminate temperature excursions, while tracking the vaccine at all times to avoid tampering and assure product integrity and delivery. A recent article by throws a spotlight on how IoT technology and data platforms are being utilized to speed up vaccine supply chains. Cloudleaf, for example, provides a supply chain visibility platform that gives companies the critical information they need to identify and maintain the integrity of their pharmaceutical products. CSafe Global, a leader in temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-saving pharmaceuticals, is partnering with Cloudleaf to deliver a custom digital visibility platform which will protect the viability of these all-too-important shipments. The platform provides real-time data tracking and analysis to enhance CSafe’s highly specialized shipping containers with IoT sensors. With improved visibility, problems encountered en route to final destinations are taken care of immediately within the supply chain instead of upon arrival.  Cloudleaf CEO and President Mahesh Veerina was quoted by ZDNet as saying every organization that is part of the COVID-19 supply chain needs to have digital visibility platforms in place: "It is impossible to deal with the crisis we are facing with the tools we have, but with the onslaught of IoT sensors and AI, there is a big opportunity to digitally reform vaccine supply chains. The entire ecosystem is being pushed into deploying more digital means."  Veerina also shared that Cloudleaf’s ability to bring positive changes to supply chains isn’t limited to vaccines. Over the past year, Cloudleaf has seen a 500% growth in demand for IoT technology and data reporting tools embedded within supply chains. There is no sign of that demand going away, even once the pandemic has ended.  A digital visibility platform enables the most efficient organizations to manage their supply chains now. Solve your supply chain challenges by using Cloudleaf to optimize your cold chain for successful product storage and packaging, seamless cold chain transit, and accurate shipping, all while staying in regulatory compliance.