On-Demand Webinar: How ThermoFisher Enabled Agility with ParkourSC

Swapnil Kelkar, Director of Customer Success at ParkourSC, and Scott Emery, Global Commercial Director of Thermo Fisher’s Global Logistics and Total Transportation Management function, presented the webinar, How Innovations in Supply Chain Technology Enable Agility to Move Beyond Visibility.

Watch this on-demand replay to learn:

  • Why supply chain resiliency is paramount, especially in industries reliant on cold-chain technologies such as Pharmaceuticals.
  • Which business situations drive the need for elevated platform capabilities, including data blind spots, temperature sensitivities and security risks.
  • The benefits of implementing a modern supply chain technology platform, including enhanced service, improved efficiency and revenue gain.
  • How Thermo Fisher Scientific drives innovation into their supply chain operations, by leveraging the ParkourSC platform to monitor on-demand, real-time temperature and location for all levels of cold chain shipments across the globe.

This session aired live on September 27, 2022.