Logistics and Packaging

If you’re a logistics service provider (LSP), you understand that timely deliveries are as critical as ever. Packaging operations face similar challenges as they look to provide smart packaging that can track and monitor packages in transit. Access to an advanced supply chain operational platform enables your operation to keep up with competitors while maximizing profitability and increasing customer satisfaction.

At ParkorSC, our supply chain platform allows your business to increase operating efficiency by utilizing solutions to track your inventory accurately and track and monitor customer shipments for any potential disruptions. We leverage real-time sensors and contextual data on weather, traffic, strikes, or port congestion to create a more resilient and agile supply chain. We can create a custom smart packaging solution that adds value to your business by offering real-time location and quality tracking and tracing throughout the shipping process.

Going Beyond Basic Logistics and Packaging

Since third-party logistics (3PL) companies have set themselves apart with innovative methods to become more intelligent and increase efficiency, competing businesses must adopt similar strategies to offer services that go above and beyond traditional customer expectations. When you implement ParkorSC’s supply chain solution, you provide your customers real-time shipment visibility, improve delivery times, and reduce their overall shipment costs. End-to-end shipment monitoring enables tracking and tracing of your products throughout the entire shipment cycle. Any disruptions to shipments can be predicted and the customer alerted for quick recovery.

ParkourSC’s supply chain solution for LSPs can track signals from any system or sensor to indicate early warnings of potential transit delays. Combined with historical shipment data, this real-time information allows AI models or workflows to adjust the supply chain to minimize disruptions automatically. The portals provide customers and other stakeholders the ability to monitor potential delays.

For packaging functions, ParkorSC’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of services that provide transparency and visibility into customer shipments through digital portals. Our solutions can show precise product temperature, plus other critical packaging elements like humidity, shock, and other quality factors in real-time.

Our platform also offers recommendations for the best routes, lanes and carriers that can be provided to your customers as a value-added service.

Creating a Sustainable Asset Management System for LSPs

Sustainability is a top-level goal for many logistics and packaging companies, tracking waste and looking to reduce, recycle and reuse. ParkourSC’s operations solution can help you track your reusable packages, containers, and sensors globally. These assets can be tracked and managed to ensure they are reused and not dumped in landfills.

Additionally, the platform allows companies to track inspection, battery replacement, and maintenance schedules on sensors and shipping containers to extend the life of these assets. Asset tracking with reuse also reduces your costs for replacing these assets.

Case Study

Cold Chain Technologies is Adding Quality Visibility for Their Customers


Case Study

CSafe is Providing Track and Trace for the Cold Chain Packaging


Case Study

Large Packaging Solutions Company is Reducing Sensor Waste


Providing Quality Assurance to Your Customers

Our platform’s quality tracking helps to ensure your products are delivered on time to the precise location without any quality excursions. It can predict and monitor factors like thermal efficiency, tilt, shock, and other critical elements to identify issues and quickly alert your customers to potential problems in transit.

For cold chain logistics and packaging, this type of monitoring is required and helps your customers speed up any post-delivery quality inspections. Instead of waiting to download temperature data from a passive thermal data logger inside the shipment, your customers have the real-time data to ensure the product temperature never fell below -20C throughout the journey.

Our solutions also predict thermal efficiency and can allow you to recommend packaging designs, shipping containers, and delivery methods that are optimal for each product shipment to maintain quality standards during transit.

Benefits of ParkourSC’s Platform

When you implement our supply chain solutions into your LSP operation, you can:

Provide visibility to your customers

Our software offers controlled visibility to stakeholders and customers, providing access to precise shipment conditions and locations.

Ensure quality and compliance

For cold chain shipments or other sensitive shipments, our real-time temperature, shock, humidity, tilt, or light track and trace capability allows you to predict and respond to excursions quickly.

Reduce your customer’s shipping costs

ParkourSC’s shipment monitoring data, combined with shipment costs and capacity predictions, allows you to recommend the best method to ship a certain product on-time and at the lowest cost.

Track supply chain assets

Our asset tracking allows you to track every sensor, package, and container so that they can be returned for reuse.

Specific use case examples include:

  • Reducing expedited shipment requests
  • Offering alternative routing due to traffic or weather delays
  • Improving estimated time of arrival (ETA) forecasts
  • Monitoring potential import and export issues
  • Preparing freight audit and payment analysis