state of supply chain visibility report

Infographic: The State of Supply Chain Visibility Report

Billions of dollars' worth of product are lost every year due to unsolved supply chain issues. The issues are likely caused by blind spots.

The State of Supply Chain Visibility Report provides you with the statistics and data on what is going on in pharmaceutical and food & beverage supply chains around the world. For example, the report revealed that 92% of companies claim they cannot trust the data they have on product traveling through their supply chains.

The findings expose decades-old blind spots in supply chains as the root cause of costly problems.

infographic state of supply chain

The State of Supply Chain Visibility Report

What Your Supply Chain Blind Spots Are Costing You

According to Sapio Research:

  • Can't Trust Data: 92% of supply chain survey respondents said they could not 100% trust the data coming in from their supply chains.
  • Manual Process: 99% of pharmaceutical respondents were still using some sort of manual process to achieve supply chain visibility.
  • Product Spoilage: $358 million dollars are lost by pharmaceutical and food and beverage every year due to product spoilage.
  • Lack Full Visibility: 87% of pharma company respondents don't have 100% visibility into the condition of products in their supply chain.

Download the full Supply Chain Visibility Report from Cloudleaf and Sapio Research to learn how you can take advantage of increased supply chain visibility!

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