Mark Talens Joins ParkourSC to Unlock the Power of AI/ML in Supply Chain Optimization

Mark Talens Joins ParkourSC to Unlock the Power of AI/ML in Supply Chain Optimization

Today I have joined ParkourSC as Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy & Solutions Officer, and I could not be more excited about it. During my 20+ year career in Supply Chain and Life Sciences, I have worked across all aspects of Supply Chain Management, from Warehousing to Distribution, from Demand Management to E2E Supply Planning. Over the years, supply chain complexities and global footprints have grown, making it increasingly challenging for companies to make accurate, unbiased decisions that prioritize both company and customer outcomes.

Over the past 5 years, I was co-leading the Global Supply Chain aspects of the demerger between Merck Sharp & Dohme and Organon and later led the Global Supply Chain Operations team for Organon. 

During that time we had to “re-think” how decision-making should be done as Organon was re-positioning and re-thinking how Supply Chain could be a differentiator in the market. It became evident that with so many signals, systems, and complexity and the rise of AI/ML, a "white space" in augmented Decision Intelligence is identified and also Gartner through its CORE model is recognizing that "decision Intelligence" is the new frontier.

It is no longer only about Command & Control and orchestration but all about "so what?" and "now what?" which translates to Decision Making using AI/ML. This effectively drives decision Intelligence that is unbiased and connects all stakeholders in the Supply Chain (internal and external) and supports them through AI Agents in their ways of working to drive optimal outcomes.

When looking at the E2E Supply Chain and the number of individual signals it is amazing to see that 50-70% of these signals should be “noise canceled” as they just add to the infamous “bullwhip effect.” Imagine thousands of daily signals from systems and people/exception management, all across production to quality, from logistics to fulfillment and the customer. How can we guarantee that we react in the right way to the right signals? 

This is where ParkourSC is poised to be a leading SaaS platform with its unrivaled Behavioral Engine and robust infrastructure. By intelligently connecting signals and guiding customers on actions while minimizing noise, they can unlock tremendous value. Enhanced operational efficiency, simplified processes, and increased reliability/resilience will distinguish tomorrow's supply chains.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to use my experience from the customer side to spearhead this next-generation set of solutions within ParkourSC and help shape the next generation of Supply Chain Solutions.

Looking very much forward to engaging with industry principals and business experts and supporting them on their journey to UNLOCK VALUE through Decision Intelligence.