On-Demand Webinar:
Taking Command of Your Supply Chain

Recent years have underscored the need for a modern, resilient, and agile supply chain for an enterprise’s survival and success. There is a need to break down functional silos, evolving from a control tower to a digital supply chain command center. 

Watch this virtual event replay with ParkourSC President & CEO Mahesh Veerina to learn how command centers are an important part of an automated, extensive and predictive supply chain. 

  • Data silos prevent teams across enterprises from accessing data that enable businesses to make informed decisions to improve resilience, increase agility and drive strategic innovation.
  • Command centers use digital twin technology, gaining insights into past, current, and future situations and evaluating trade-offs by balancing risks and opportunities.
  • Embracing these insights means innovating to a fully automated, extensive and predictive supply chain for greater market leadership, revenue, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.

This virtual event was presented by ParkourSC at the Supply Chain Digitalization Conference in the session, Taking Command of Your Supply Chain. It aired live on October 17, 2022