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Our New Partnership with CSafe Global Brings Customized Digital Visibility to Pharmaceutical Shipments

CSafe Global Screen ImageWhen it comes to the supply chain, nothing is more challenging than making sure that pharmaceutical products are properly cared for throughout the packaging/storage/shipment process. It’s critical that pharmaceutical drugs are stored and shipped at proper temperatures, and that they reach their destinations before their expiration date. Patients count on these drugs for everything from preventing the flu to fighting cancer, so any mistake along the supply chain could result in a patient not getting the medicine they need in a timely manner.

We’re excited to announce that CSafe Global, a leader in temperature-controlled container solutions for the transport of life-saving pharmaceuticals, is partnering with Cloudleaf to deliver a custom digital visibility platform which will protect the viability of these all-too-important shipments. The platform will support both their Air Cargo track and trace technology as well as digital tracking for their Parcel and Cell & Gene packaging solutions.

As an innovation leader, CSafe continually strives to revolutionize the cold chain. They’ve been developing and implementing track and trace technology into their Air Cargo fleet of RAP and RKN containers for nearly two years (“RAP” is an aircraft industry designation of a refrigerated unit-load device for cargo; the RKN designation is a single-pallet-sized unit.) As part of this far-reaching initiative, the company needed a partner who could deliver a robust, customized digital visibility platform that could integrate multiple tracking devices into their system to offer full visibility to Parcel and Cell & Gene customers as well.  We are delighted that CSafe chose Cloudleaf to fulfill their requirements.

Tom Weir, chief operating officer for CSafe Global, said it best. “In Cloudleaf, we found a strategic partner who shares common values, has a world-class management team, a modern software architecture, a visionary product road map, and laser-like focus on the customer. The synergies between CSafe and Cloudleaf are powerful and compelling. Together, we will provide real-time visibility for life-saving products shipped everyday around the world in CSafe Air Cargo, Parcel and Cell and Gene products. This innovative solution will unleash tremendous value for our customers and most importantly ensure that patients receive the medications they need 100% of the time,” said Weir.

Weir also mentioned Cloudleaf in their recent “Digital Transformation in the Cold Chain” webinar, saying, “We selected Cloudleaf as our supply chain visibility platform because it’s hardware agnostic…we’ll be able to integrate it into what we’re doing by working with them.”

Cloudleaf is excited to work with CSafe on this important initiative and to collaborate on innovative solutions to revolutionize the cold chain. So far, CSafe has integrated 20 devices with the Cloudleaf platform and completed multiple pilot shipments. By the end of Q3 2020, CSafe will partner with select pharmaceutical customers to conduct live user acceptance testing of the new platform before launching it in Q4.

We look forward to reporting back with their results later in the year as they dramatically improve their cold chain success rates while expanding their reach into new geographies!