Pharma Industry

Managing the pharmaceutical supply chain comes with unique issues. A dramatic world shift during the COVID-19 pandemic added another challenge — global disruption across many industries. These events spur companies to find new ways to improve pharma manufacturing and distribution. For many, that means turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation and resolve issues.


Why AI for the Pharma Supply Chain?

AI delivers powerful biopharma manufacturing insights and pharma logistics solutions through better tracking, planning, and decision-making.

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Digital Pharma Supply Chain Tracking

Temperature-sensitive goods benefit from robust biopharma supply chain software featuring AI. These programs provide complete e2e intelligence for pharma logistics, from creation to transport to storage and sale.

With real-time pharma supply chain visibility, manufacturers and distributors can instantly locate assets, track shipments, and check product integrity.

AI delivers transit visibility for vaccines and other advanced medical assets for more efficiency and better patient treatment delivery in current use cases.

Supply Chain Disruption Planning


Today’s pharma supply chain solutions leverage the power of AI to prevent disruptions in pharma transport. More effective processes and deliveries also help reduce temperature excursions in pharmaceutical distribution.


Predictive analytics uses historical data patterns to identify future changes in economics, markets, and consumers. Pharma manufacturers and distributors use this to gauge inventory or compare supplier reliability. Augmenting and assisting decisions with AI can make a significant difference in both cost management and treatment delivery.


Automating workflows with AI has also improved warehouse operations and administrative task turnaround times — historical causes of chain disruption. Plus, AI solutions are entirely scalable for faster responses and higher productivity than manual processes can offer.


In addition, companies can harness digital twins to proactively plan more efficient delivery routes and methods to further mitigate pharmaceutical supply chain risks.


The ParkourSC Solution

When you want the most in-depth supply chain insights for pharma you can achieve with a software platform, ParkourSC is the answer. Whether you need a vaccine transportation tracking platform or complete e2e pharma visibility, our powerful application and its features deliver unmatched value and function. We’ve handled over a million parcel moves and 300 million vaccine moves with our cold chain expertise and life-sciences-validated tech stack.

Stay Informed


ParkourSC keeps you current with crucial information that delivers your organization the ability to:

  • Adapt to new business models or enhance service delivery for higher customer satisfaction: Drive future growth or stay agile in dynamic conditions with actionable data insights and company-tailored KPIs.
  • Assign custom parameters for alert triggers: Decide when and what kind of human intervention is necessary by customizing notification triggers and recipients.
  • Track product integrity: Get visibility into more than a shipment’s location from a cold chain specialist that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to help reduce temperature excursions in pharmaceutical delivery.
  • Enhance compliance efforts: Establish transparent records and logs with IoT data for accurate regulatory compliance.

Drive Efficiency


With ParkourSC, you equip your business with the best possible technology tools to:

  • Support integration: Our digital-twin solution enables sharing and cooperation among stakeholding organizations throughout the supply chain. As a result, you can extract, analyze, and share valuable data from various sources to improve operations at each level and for every company involved.
  • Monitor signals: ParkourSC has the capacity to track changing signals to granular levels. This useful data helps you respond more effectively to exceptions, shortages, and potential stockouts.
  • Align strategy and execution: Today’s challenges call for consistent adjustments between planning methods and practical actions. ParkourSC provides the insights you need to maintain your organization’s unique balance while optimizing a lean supply chain.
  • Customize dashboards based on responsibilities: Our platform supports designing role-based dashboards. You decide what information and options are available to users at each link in the supply chain while eliminating unproductive distractions.

Save Money


The ParkourSC team of talented software engineers and savvy industry veterans combines knowledge bases to empower you to:

  • Track ground truth to prevent biopharma product waste: ParkourSC provides asset-level data in real time so you can rapidly resolve issues and lessen costly waste.
  • Anticipate results more quickly and accurately: Robust simulation and modeling functionalities allow you to foresee possible outcomes for different courses of action, enabling you to prevent delays and reduce costs.
  • Manage inventory: ParkourSC offers predictive analytics to help you forecast demand, trigger cost-effective purchasing, and prevent costs related to overspending, spoilage, and carrying excess inventory.
  • Automate routine tasks and decisions: ParkourSC allows you to use AI to manage top-level SKUs and delegate lower-tier products to technology, helping you reduce costs and fatigue in decision-making.