Frost & Sullivan’s New Product Innovation Award – Supply Chain Visibility Platform

Today’s companies, whether pharmaceutical, manufacturing and distribution, or food and beverage, operate in an Amazon-influenced world where they expect real-time responses to product location, condition, dwell time (how long it has been sitting), and expected arrival status. This is because increased visibility featuring real-time views and insights into product location, condition, and flow across the end-to-end supply chain network (from suppliers through production and distribution to customers) are directly linked. Creating end-to-end supply chain cohesion is paramount in reducing operational material losses, increasing productivity, adhering to regulatory compliance, enhancing operational reliability, increasing cost savings, as well as for unlocking value and new revenue opportunities.

Frost & Sullivan is convinced that Cloudleaf is the innovation leader in this space, based on 4 major fronts:

1. End-to-end Solution: Cloudleaf is strikingly different as it offers not just the hardware but cloud services, connectivity, and the required desktop or mobile applications, making it a genuine, end-to-end solution that can provide continuous asset coverage for real-time visibility into every aspect of the customer’s supply chain... 2. Extended Battery Life: Cloudleaf has patented technologies (40-plus patents filed) that deliver a 3-to-5-year battery life, which makes digitizing the supply chain operationally viable. In addition, Cloudleaf gateways provide 70,000 square feet (sq. ft.) of coverage and track 250 sensors every second... 3. Quick & Easy Deployment of Sensor Fabric: Cloudleaf customers can deploy Sensor Fabric expeditiously (i.e., 1 or 2 days depending on the volume), after which they can be up and running... 4. Digital Visibility Platform: Cloudleaf's Digital Visibility Platform, using AI and ML, can capture and process the huge amount of data coming in from the edge. The flexible data structure, rapid application development, ability to create a digital profile of an asset and the integration with legacy systems of records and workforce communications tools such as chatbots and Slack, are all features of the Digital Visibility Platform...

Download the full report to learn more about Cloudleaf’s award-winning Digital Visibility Platform.