's Practitioner's Guide to Supply Chain Visibility

Practitioner’s Guide to Supply Chain Visibility

One of the largest concerns of CSCOs around the globe is the ability to gain a fully transparent, holistic view of their supply chains. The pressure to meet customer demands for more visibility and an increasing need to adopt industry 4.0 standards makes it critical for organizations to address their current visibility gaps. 

With even the most mature organizations only able to capture about 20% visibility, it’s important to take a deeper dive into why visibility is important and how to build a business case that supports the need for enhanced visibility solutions. 

ParkourSC, along with supply chain industry experts and thought leaders, has put together a guide that explores these new industry demands and how supply chain executives can start to implement updates and changes to increase transparency and growth. 

The Practitioner's Guide to Supply Chain Visibility covers these important topics to help you optimize your supply chain:

  • Importance of Supply Chain Visibility
  • Identifying & Addressing Visibility Gaps
  • Developing a Business Case for Supply Chain Visibility

Download your guide and start gaining supply chain visibility knowledge today!