Today’s business environments tax enterprise agility. Companies need to combine operational excellence with digital savvy. Cloudleaf brings these elements together with insights to help break functional boundaries and plug & play architecture for continued adaptability.


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Cisco Systems

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Infographic stating frequency of shocks lasting 1-2 weeks every 2 years results in a 42% annual profit loss anticipated every decade

The Only Constant: Change

Supply chain shocks are more frequent and severe. McKinsey anticipates a one- or two-week event every two years. The repercussions last far longer. As a result, companies can expect to lose more than 40% of a year’s profits every decade. New capabilities are needed to identify supply chain risks sooner and shape a more holistic, informed response. New data sources like IoT offer promise, but companies struggle to unlock potential at scale.

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Expect The Unexpected

Continuous Visibility,
Continuous Intelligence

To address supply chain complexity and interconnectivity, lean operations were designed for cost and calibrated for efficiency, but not risk or resiliency. New products. New competition. New regulation. New business models. New expectations. Rigid processes, data siloes, and disjointed applications. Real-time, data-driven insights help you adapt faster to whatever comes next.

Connected Digital Supply Chains

Managing supply chain volatility requires improved visibility into supply network inefficiencies.

  • Illuminate blind spots and assess impact risk
  • Proactively anticipate and avoid disruptions
  • Eliminate waste, shortages, and bottlenecks

Turn Visibility Into Value

Prior investments created a trove of data, but a dearth of actionable insights. Unlike legacy approaches, Cloudleaf provides a platform to unify product information and unlock IoT’s value, so you find the meaningful in the noise. Focus on business risks and impact. Lower reliance on spare capacity and expediting to address uncertainty. Reduce shortages and cycle times, all while enhancing utilization and customer experience.

Resilience Through Supply Chain Visibility

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