Supply & Demand Planning

Many supply chain executives invest heavily in improving planning capabilities. But, even the “best-laid” plans are subject to unpredictable situations and issues. That means they also need solutions that can drive agility in operations to overcome those issues.

ParkourSC transforms the planning process by incorporating ground-truth into plans in real-time and empowers the entire organization with improved decision-making despite complexities due to data and organizational silos in underlying systems. For example, ParkourSC monitors end-to-end supply chain operations to identify demand changes and supply disruptions and immediately delivers this information to provide early insight to planners.

Poor supply chain planning can cost a company up to


in downstream operational inefficiencies

Enhance Resilience & Long-Term Supply Chain Visibility

Better manage customer expectations by proactively adjusting plans to meet deadlines

5-10% Improvement in revenue and margin

Find better insights from historical and real-time data to build a better plan that can be re-run more often due to changes

5-10% Improvement in planning accuracy

Monitor and correct for supply disruptions or demand changes with real-time ground truth data

4-8% Improvement in inventory turns

Supply Realignment in Minutes

Pharmacies keep stocks of seasonal vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, but during the flu season the rate of consumption increases, depleting the shelves of vials. With the ParkourSC platform, the pharmacy leverages sensors and Point of Sale (POS) data to send a signal to a daily planning system. As the vaccines are consumed, the demand and supply plans are continuously realigned and updated based on:

  • Available on-hand inventory
  • New inventory that is ordered but yet to arrive
  • Inventory that is yet to be manufactured

The signal that indicates supply and demand have been replanned is then delivered to the S&OP/IBP layer where trade-off decisions are made by senior leadership about freeing up manufacturing capacity and prioritizing the new seasonal demand. They may have to consider sacrificing short-term profitability for table stakes–stable supply products.

A decision is also made with the 3PL/4PL logistics provider to switch to moving products using large boxes/formats and stocking the micro-fulfillment warehouse so that demand can be better fulfilled from a warehouse nearby instead of relying on periodic delivery by the 3PL/4PL logistics provider.

The results of this closed-loop process are conveyed back to planning and transactional systems through ParkourSC. ParkourSC was able to complete this process within minutes, while traditional systems will take weeks or months.

Common Challenges

  • Reconciling strategic and tactical supply chain plans
  • Lack of visibility into chronic supply issues that need to be resolved
  • Increased costs resulting from near term exceptions
  • Solving for sudden shifts in demand or market needs

Use Case Examples

  • Proactively adjust plans and manage customer expectations
  • Reduce costs with trade-off analysis
  • Optimize lot size for the planning horizon
  • Improve forecasting with AI/ML analysis and recommendations
  • Resolve planning exceptions with suppliers and logistics companies

ParkourSC Provides Next-Level Supply Chain and Demand Planning Software

To stay competitive and profitable in a dynamic business climate, you must align supply and demand in your supply chain. ParkourSC helps you do just that. Use our cloud-based platform to:

Improve your forecast accuracy in logistics

Test alternatives and scenarios in your digital twin software to drive better decision-making based on your unique data and network.

Practice continuous realignment with ground truth

Get asset-level insights at any point to shift strategies from reactive to proactive.

Communicate and collaborate

Chat easily with relevant stakeholders across connected organizations and combine intelligence for faster resolutions.