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Take a Look Under the Hood of CSafe Global’s New Shipment Visibility Platform

Csafe GlobalBy Bryn Lowry On January 19-20, CSafe Global hosted their 1st Virtual Congress, which featured a demo of CSafe’s new Shipment Visibility Platform. Cloudleaf and CSafe have partnered together to offer CSafe customers a powerful cold chain solution that combines CSafe’s state-of-the-art thermal shipping solutions with our Digital Visibility Platform. Our IoT solution is highly configurable, cloud-based, sensor agnostic, advanced in specialized actionable visibility within supply chains, and offers a modern user interface (UI). During CSafe’s Virtual Congress, CSafe’s Alyssa Roberts and I walked viewers through the demo and provided details on the visibility platform and how their active container fleet customers are already reaping benefits from using it. The Virtual Congress recordings are now available for registered participants. Send CSafe an email if you did not get a chance to register and would like to see the recordings. Here are some of the key takeaways from the Virtual Congress session to give you a more detailed look into CSafe’s Shipment Visibility Platform.
Takeaway #1: Providing continuous monitoring of both the location and condition of the product is critical.
In developing their Shipment Visibility Platform, CSafe Global worked closely with their customers to understand what gaps they were seeing in their supply chains. Many customers informed CSafe that while they may have standard operating procedures in place to ensure that the product gets from the original starting point to its destination, they had limited or no visibility into what was happening along the delivery route. CSafe’s Visibility Platform now provides real-time shipment visibility through Cloudleaf’s cloud-based platform. A critical part of visibility is knowing where your product while it’s moving through the supply chain, as well as the real-time condition of the product. This data can include the product’s temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, vibration or other conditions that could influence a product’s end quality. From this user-friendly visibility platform, customers and CSafe support staff will have 24/7 access to request and manage leases, monitor shipments and intervene when needed. This real-time information results in lower operational costs through reduced product loss, which ultimately improves customer ROI. For CSafe’s contractual customers, it reduces costs through reduced accessorial fees such as emergency shipment charges, demerge, and container return fees. The real-time shipment data also provides improved planning support reputation protection as well as preferred partner status, which ultimately leads to more shipments.
Takeaway #2: CSafe delights customers by providing a secure view into the critical real-time data they need to know about their products.
CSafe Global’s Visibility Platform leverages Cloudleaf’s robust user access control which provides each end-user secure access to their shipments only. Secure, real-time data and insights boosts customer satisfaction by answering these key questions:
  •   What’s the ETA of this product?
  •   Which routes are most reliable for on-time delivery?
  •   Which routes have the most conditional excursions?
CSafe’s Shipment Visibility Platform answers these questions by combining the real-time location and condition information about products as they flow through the supply chain, together with third-party and customer information.
Takeaway #3: Visibility is the core of the platform, and it’s driven by IoT sensors.
These sensors are providing real-time measurement of location and condition at the product level, not at the shipment or order level. The platform is device-agnostic, which means customers can use the right sensor for each use case without having to worry about the vendor providing it, or whether that sensor will be the best device a year from now. Essentially, what customers are getting with the Visibility Platform is a bit of future-proofing. The sensor data is ingested into Cloudleaf’s SaaS platform that leverages hyper-scale cloud, digital twin, AI/ML and IoT technologies to deliver continuous visibility, actionable insight and analytics to customers. For CSafe’s Active Temperature Controlled Containers (ATCC), Sendum’s PT300D real-time tracking device is used to provide real-time tracking, which uses cell-based towers to capture the data. The Sendum PT300D is powered directly from the ATCC internal batteries, eliminating the need to constantly remove and recharge the tracking device.
Takeaway #4: CSafe’s Shipment Visibility Platform provides customers with the ability to immediately download data and insights at the end of the shipment.
The real-time data that’s generated in the system by the device includes GPS location, cargo temperature, ambient temperature information, shock events, ambient humidity, ambient press and door open/close events, which are displayed on the CSafe Visibility Platform dashboard. Users can set-up notifications, warnings and critical alerts; they can also opt to receive an email or text message in addition to the alerts shown on the Visibility Platform. Users can easily use the Visibility Platform to request a lease, set up their shipments, and track those shipments in real time. Within the shipment setup, there are many features that allow for customization, such as different business rules that can be set up, route details, and defined user groups who want to receive the alerts. One of the main advantages of the platform, in addition to accessing the real-time data during the shipment, is being able to immediately download the shipment report at the end of the shipment.
Takeaway #5: Customers can easily integrate CSafe’s shipment visibility data with other applications via an API.
CSafe Global and Cloudleaf also created an API for the real-time data. Many customers utilize their own systems and are looking for ways to integrate the real-time information, so Cloudleaf and CSafe worked together to provide this capability with the launch of the Shipment Visibility Platform. Standard REST API documentation is neatly packaged to push shipment tracking data to any existing IoT platform. This allows the data to be shared with other software applications. We’re proud that our platform, together with CSafe’s state-of-the-art thermal shipping solutions, will enable the delivery of temperature-sensitive and life-enhancing products to patients in need. Reach out to customersupport@csafeglobal.com to get access to the Shipment Visibility Platform. Contact Cloudleaf to get started on your journey to supply chain transformation.