Real World Advice from Leading Supply Chain Experts

Download our complementary supply chain ebook: Creating a Resilient Supply Chain: Real World Advice from Leading Supply Chain Experts.

Navigating extraordinary supply chain disruptions and escalating economic and political uncertainty requires openness to new ideas and reliance on proven best practices.

In this 37 page ebook, we’ve collected supply chain insights and stories of hard won experience from some of the most successful supply chain experts and corporate leaders of our time.

In this ebook:

  • John Chambers, former Cisco Systems CEO, shares advice about emerging more vital after the current global crisis.
  • Tim Harden and Frank Jones draw on their experiences leading the AT&T and Intel supply chains.
  • Life sciences supply chain veteran Maria Nieradka brings her point of view on improving operations.
  • And much more…

Whether you manage a supply chain or are in the C-suite, you’ll gain critical insights on how to improve supply chain resiliency from these experts to help you successfully navigate this extraordinary wave of unprecedented global disruption. Download our ebook today!