Third-Party Logistics

The explosion of e-commerce led to many companies outsourcing certain supply chain functions to a logistics service provider (LSP). These businesses have been invaluable partners for third-party logistics (3PL) like warehousing and order fulfillment services. Some handle those tasks themselves, while others act as brokers, adding another layer to the chain (4PL). 

Yet, these expanded networks have their share of challenges — unpredictable demand and lack of visibility across the network are common. These issues have reinforced the importance of 3PL and 4PL intelligence software.

The Need for an LSP Visibility Platform

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A true end-to-end solution embodies robust tools for predictive risk mitigation for 3PL businesses. These tools rely on real-time 3PL insights to be successful.

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Visibility software for 3PL companies collects information scattered across disparate systems and thousands of data points before displaying it in a meaningful and cohesive way. Predictive 3PL software draws on the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms.

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When combined with unique organizational and asset-level data, these resources allow LSPs to quickly determine how current conditions are impacting logistics operations from start to finish.

The ParkourSC Solution for 4PL and 3PL Intelligence

The ParkourSC team combined the industry knowledge of supply chain veterans and skilled IT professionals to develop a single-source solution for logistics intelligence. Our 3PL visibility platform and risk reduction software for LSPs helps these businesses build growth, agility and resilience into their services.

Enhance Efficiency

Use our powerful intelligence tools to transform organizational efficiency into a long-term asset. We include technology to help you:

  • Automate tasks: Use AI to manage routine jobs and make low-level decisions. These streamlined workflows liberate your team to focus on more strategic initiatives and improvements.
  • Optimize routes and configurations with AI/ML: Analyze various factors and contextual data to plan the best transit routes or warehousing configurations. You’ll benefit from optimizing transportation costs and floor space.
  • Inventory management for cost control: Predictive analytics help you accurately forecast demand. You control overspending and inventory-carrying costs while ensuring you have the stock to meet customer needs.
  • Prescriptive analytics for decision-making: Run simulations with your unique service data and review recommended actions. Our prescriptive analytics quickly identify patterns and opportunities for more confident, data-driven decisions.

Manage Risks Better

We’ve included various risk-mitigation tools to help you:

  • Track product integrity to reduce waste: Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) with asset-level sensors to monitor product conditions. These are ideal for those moving parcels in the cold chain and other sensitive industries like pharmaceuticals and high-tech distribution.
  • Monitor contextual signals: Gather relevant data from thousands of sources on the ground worldwide. You get the contextual cues you need to prevent delays and respond faster to changing conditions.
  • Set up alert triggers: Customize your parameters to know when a potential event occurs. You select the thresholds and recipients for quicker interventions.
  • Support compliance: Stay in line with regulatory requirements and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) policies. Our technology automatically documents the chain of command and asset movement logs for better regulatory and ESG compliance.

Add More Value

As pressure increases to cut costs while improving customer satisfaction and operations, we equip you with technology to meet those challenges head-on. Our platform allows you to:

  • Integrate across the ecosystem to drive improvements for everyone: Extend your digital twin across the supply network with role-based dashboards. You’ll keep everyone informed and provide tools for improving processes at every organizational level. 
  • Discover new business models: Identify gaps, test ways to fill them and leverage the network’s expertise. Thanks to predictive analytics, you’ll retain agility and resiliency even in demanding and dynamic markets. 
  • Collaborate to deliver more services to customers: Cooperate more easily and efficiently with our advanced technology. Digital twinning and a centralized resource for communication facilitate innovation and support co-creation opportunities.
  • Balance planning and execution: Adjust continuously as market conditions change. You’ll have the insights you need to keep resources in line with demands for better asset allocation.