Case Study

Cold Chain Technologies assure thermal compliance

With ParkourSC, Cold Chain Technologies adds real-time temperature visibility to their shipments

In choosing a partner to enhance visibility into the end-to-end cold chain, it was crucial that we be able to utilize the latest and most advanced IoT technologies, along with data analytics.”

Ranjeet Banerjee,
CEO, Cold Chain Technologies

Preventing customer’s loss of drugs and biologics

The biopharma industry loses about $35B annually due to failures in temperature-controlled logistics; i.e., shipments and packages that exceed the storage temperatures required in storage and in transit.

Cold Chain Technologies (CCT), in partnership with ParkourSC, has significantly reduced product losses due to temperature excursions using ParkourSC platform for real-time tracking of location and conditional monitoring ie. temperature excursions from the manufacturing plant to the patient. The embedded sensors in their packages track location and temperature changes anywhere the package goes, so any possible temperature excursions due to delays can be resolved by rerouting to a facility to repack the shipment, or a new shipment can be sent immediately to replace that shipment.

Quick corrective action on supply chain disruptions that lead to a loss of drug or biologics quality can now be resolved immediately through timely intervention instead of waiting for the package to reach the destination and manually uploading temperature logger data to check for quality, which can take hours to days.

Build end-to-end visibility for their customers

At the start of the Covid vaccine rollout, the supply chain was not fully built to handle the sheer volume of the number of vaccines that may need to be shipped at a maintained temperature of -70C. The vaccine manufacturer, the health care facilities, and the government did not know precisely where these vaccine shipments were and if they were maintaining the stringent temperature requirements. They only knew that the vaccine shipment had left the source manufacturing location but did not know if the trucks hit road closures or traffic and if there were weather delays or an accident. To know this information, they had to contact the drivers or railway shippers manually. Then after arriving at the location, they had to upload the passive temperature logger data to check for any temperature excursions. Depending on the location of the final destination, this might take hours to days of waiting for the quality check.

With ParkourSC and real-time temperature and location sensors, CCT’s customers can visually see where their shipments are, get notified if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, and take action to prevent delays or temperatures excursion. When the shipment arrives at the final destination, they know immediately that there was no temperature excursion on the shipment without having to upload temperature data manually. True customer real-time visibility.


doses of Covid vaccine tracked


global shipments per month


End-to-end temperature and location tracking

Create a sustainable future

There is a lot of waste from shipments and packaging. CCT created a goal to remove 60M pounds of waste from landfills by 2025 using more sustainable and reusable packaging and sensors. With ParkourSC’s platform, CCT can track shipping container returns to ensure the used shipping containers go back to the right locations and are ready for the next customer shipment. Replacing the use of disposable packaging and one-use sensors, CCT can help its customers meet sustainability goals, while also reducing overall waste.


Thermal packaging and cold chain management

Cold Chain Technologies is a leading global provider of reusable and single-use thermal assurance solutions for the distribution and last-mile transport of temperature-sensitive products for the life sciences industry

Expanding value and lowering cost for customers

CCT found that it was not enough to provide just the cold chain shipping product but that there was a need from their customer to track their shipments in real-time 24/7 and analyze the shipping process. Their customers wanted to track the entire shipping process to ensure quality control and on-time performance. Besides temperature, CCT customers can also flag issues with vibrations and dwell time outside of storage.

In addition, CCT can use the logistical data to analyze lanes, routes, and package types to ensure the shipment arrives at the correct temperature at the lowest cost for their customers. CCT can recommend longer temperature-sustaining packages if a route shows more delays than normal or another carrier. CCT and her customers literally see the value in their partnership with ParkourSC daily.