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Spotlight on Pharma:
Digital Cold Chain Reimagined

Download our complementary whitepaper: Leveraging Supply Chain Visibility in the Pharmaceutical Industry to Improve Operations.

The pharmaceutical industry loses ~$35B annually as a result of failures in temperature-controlled logistics and that’s a loss that can be prevented.

Today’s cold chain supply chains are complex logistics networks with a large ecosystem of suppliers and transportation modalities. The goal of these interdependent chains is to ensure product is managed with the highest integrity and compliance across the entire network. Every part of the value chain must work together for collective success. Supply chains cannot be disrupted – lives are on the line.

Read this whitepaper to:

  • Learn about cold chain supply chains, their importance to the pharmaceutical industry
  • Discover the unique challenges and complexities faced by the pharmaceutical industry and their cold chain supply chains
  • Uncover the criticality of supply chain visibility, hard/soft attributes, and other factors to identify and address challenges to improve business outcomes