Transform Your Supply Chain into a Data-Driven Strategic Asset

Transform Your
Supply Chain

  • Location, condition and contextual data when you need it
  • Alerts sent in real time so you can take action
  • Indoor and in-transit, together in one platform

Let Data-Driven Intelligence Power Your Supply Chain

  • Optimize inventory levels with real-time counts and location
  • View chain of custody for regulatory compliance and SLAs
  • Prevent production slow-downs with real-time location and process monitoring
  • Monitor and respond to dwell times, temperature, shock and vibration in real time
  • Prevent expensive recalls and missed SLAs throughout your distribution networks
  • Access real-time insights for audits, compliance and sustainability initiatives
  • Eliminate write-offs and physical counting with continuous, automated asset tracking

Make Your Supply Chain a Strategic Asset

Real-time view, monitoring and response management

Limit critical asset and production losses

Decrease excess inventory, improve logistics and distribution networks

Increase productivity, customer satisfaction and profit margins

Reduce compliance infractions

Simplify audit and regulatory compliance

Anticipate Problems Before They Impact Customers

ParkourSC analyzes multidimensional data streams from across the supply chain to provide real-time details about the location and condition of materials, and to help you anticipate problems before they arise. ParkourSC customers use this combination of real-time insights and predictive analytics to better serve their customers and to gain competitive advantage.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Your supply chain is a strategic asset. We help you protect it with multiple layers of security, including identity and authentication management for sensors, gateways and users. We also provide unique fingerprinting of sensors and gateways, secure communication to and from the cloud and to and from sensors, and meet OWASP secure coding standards.