ParkourSC is excited to meet you at GartnerSC Planning Summit

Meet us at Booth #208


October 30-31

Hosted by: Gartner

ParkourSC Decision Intelligence Platform helps businesses to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world, optimizing supply chain performance across logistics, manufacturing, and inventory management. 

Why Choose ParkourSC?

  • Transform ROI: Achieve up to 20 times the ROI of your investment in solving “Decision Intelligence” challenges in your supply chain within 6 weeks.
  • Maximize efficiency:  Drive automation, agility in making decisions, while solving challenges like optimizing OEE, production scheduling, packaging, inventory allocation, and predictive outcomes.
  • Real-time decisions: Utilize cutting-edge AI/ML technology to drive real-time insights, empowering actionable decisions promptly. 
  • Streamlined operations: Enhance resilience and customer experiences with optimized supply chains across manufacturing and inventory operations. 
  • Predictive capabilities and compliance: Offer OTD, predictive ETA, condition monitoring, comprehensive risk & audit management, and compliance tracking.

Join industry leaders such as Organon, GE Appliances, ThermoFisher and Takeda in the ParkourSC revolution. In our theater speaking session on 31st October at 12:45 pm at the Exhibit Showcase Theater, Benoit Humbert from Organon, and Alok Bhanot from ParkourSC, will discuss the groundbreaking capabilities of ParkourSC’s Decision Intelligence Platform. 

In a recent study, Gartner highlights the need for supply chain planning leaders to enhance their capabilities and realize the benefits of AI/ML adoption. Explore these crucial supply chain planning insights and access this valuable resource now.