Case Study

CSafe ensures cold chain quality and compliance

ParkourSC allows CSafe to provide track and trace transparency to their customers in real time

“Our team worked for many months evaluating the right partner for our new track and trace product offering. In ParkourSC, we found a strategic partner who shares common values, has a world-class management team, a modern software architecture, a visionary product road map, and laser-like focus on the customer.”

Tom Weir,
COO, CSafe Global

Adding track and trace for cold chain compliance

What happens if a shipment of temperature-sensitive drugs or cell or gene therapies experiences a temperature excursion in transit? If you had no temperature monitoring, you would have to throw the expensive therapies away. If you did have a passive temperature logger in the shipment, you would have to download the data, analyze it and then determine if the therapy is usable. This quality check process can take hours to days, depending on location, all while the patient is waiting. In the meantime, you are also probably ordering another shipment of the product expedited. There is so much loss in time, resources, costs, and patient health in this type of supply chain.

CSafe Global believes in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and cloud services; there has to be a better way to minimize losses and better meet patient needs. Working with ParkourSC, their specific design Air Cargo track and trace technology, as well as their Parcel and Cell & Gene packaging solutions, were integrated with ParkourSC’s supply chain operational platform to provide track and trace visibility to all their containers and cold chain packaging solutions.

Preventing and alerting to temperature excursions

Before ParkourSC any temperature excursions would only be discovered after delivery, wasting valuable time for the patient. Now, their customers can be alerted to possible temperature excursions and reroute the shipment or immediately send a duplicate shipment. This in-transit temperature tracking data can immediately inform their customer if the product quality is intact and can be used. In addition, the temperature data and location data allow CSafe Global and its customers to optimize their carriers better and prevent these excursions in the future.

With ParkcourSC, CSafe Global can predict the thermal efficiency of their packages and recommend the best packaging, shipping containers, and shipping methods to maintain quality in-transit.


end-to-end temperature and location monitoring


customer access to monitor all shipments


temperature, location and humidity tracking

Providing value add to their customers

CSafe Global can now provide full visibility from production to final destination track and track for their customers. They provide real-time temperature, location, and other quality monitoring and can help their customer choose the best methods and carriers for shipping. In addition, their reusable Air Cargo containers can be tracked back to the proper warehouses to be used again, helping their customer meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

CSafe Global’s new digital transformation has created more customer transparency and improved their cold chain success rates, thereby reducing waste, costs, and time for their customers.


Cold chain shipping solutions

CSafe Global offers the most comprehensive suite of thermal shipping solutions for pharmaceutical cold chain shipping needs worldwide to ensure patients receive the medicines and treatments they need. CSafe has operations in more than 70 locations worldwide to ensure product availability.

Now, armed with real-time visibility into the world’s most critical medical shipments, CSafe customers and support staff have 24/7 access to monitor every shipment and intervene if necessary. With this real-time visibility, CSafe’s customers can dramatically improve their cold chain success rates while expanding their reach into new and remote geographies.”

Mahesh Veerina,
CEO, ParkourSC